Our Programs

Child and Family Support

Through this program, we work with our grassroots partners to deliver quality, effective and efficient care to children and their families. We also assist families who struggle to access timely, appropriate care for their child.

Capacity Development Program

In this thematic area, KeCCT supports individuals, families, communities and organisations to obtain, strengthen and sustain the capabilities to competently build effective and efficient cancer care. Through this program, we impart knowledge, skills and experience to our partners.

Some of the initiatives that we undertake include training, exposure workshops, exchange visits, publishing and knowledge management, maintaining children cancer portal and resource center, among others.

Capacity Building Forms

Our Capacity Development process takes three forms:

  1. Individuals: We build their skills and knowledge in providing effective and efficient cancer care. These include families, medical practitioners and care givers.
  2. Organisations – We bolster their systems, strategies and competencies so that they are effective as our partners in providing effective and efficient cancer care.
  3. Creating an Enabling Environment – We target the wider society in our awareness and advocacy initiatives so that their voices count in championing for effective and efficient cancer care in the country.

Targeted Grants Support

Due to our success in developing the capacity of our partners and our track record in championing and building effective and efficient cancer care, some of our partners avail grants to us so that we can sub-grant to our partners. Through this pass-through grants, we bolster targeted initiatives such as family care, advocacy among others.

Research Program

We also spearhead research, innovation and evidence-based-care for all children and their families. Through this, we develop solutions, groundbreaking knowledge and innovations aimed at creating understanding on cancer care and cure.

We collaborate with medical practitioners, scholars, researchers, the government, learning institutions and hospitals to conduct research on cancer. We also disseminate any groundbreaking knowledge that we come across with families, peers and the world at large.

Awareness and Advocacy

We educate families and the public at large on cancer care, prevention and cure. We do this through awareness forums, online and social media strategies among others.

Under advocacy, we challenge holders of power and influence to prioritize and act and address cancer in a sustainable way. We work with national and county governments so that they prioritize, budget and implement program that effectively, efficiently and sustainable address cancer care and cure.