About Us

Who We Are

About Kenya Childhood Cancer Trust (KeCCT)

Kenya Childhood Cancer Trust (KeCCT) was registered by the Kenya Non-Governmental (NGO) Board in March 2015 a not-for-profit organization. It is one of the few organizations in Kenya that is solely dedicated to championing and building effective and efficient care for all children with cancer. The forerunner, the Daisy Eye Cancer Fund (DECF), was an NGO established to harmonize and optimize the management of retinoblastoma (an eye cancer affecting children) in Kenya.

After achieving commendable success in its objectives of harmonizing the care of children with retinoblastoma and improving the long-term survival rates, many of us in who are involved with children with cancer envisioned similarly improving and expanding the coverage to all children with cancer, who with their families, are faced with huge challenges. Though it was not an easy decision to make, our collaborators in DECF at that time recognized the sagacity of this move. Thus, the idea of transforming DECF into KeCCT, an organization that aimed at improving the care of all children with cancer was born. The founders, not daunted by the enormous task ahead, went on to register the organization as an NGO and forge ahead to grow it, a journey that unwaveringly continues today.

KeCCT is a member of the Kenya Network of Cancer Organization (KENCO) and participates in the programs that KENCO undertakes, including information and education, patient support, capacity building, advocacy and resource mobilization.


Our Mission

To provide leadership for accessible, comprehensive evidence-based care for children with cancer and their families in Kenya, through advocacy, coordination and resource mobilization.

Our Vision

Holistic care for all children with cancer in Kenya.

Our Core Values

Equity:- KeCCT will demonstrate fairness and impartiality towards all concerned, both external and internal clients, based on the principles of justice.

Professionalism:- KeCCT shall conduct its affairs in ways that characterise or espouse qualities that characterize or mark their professions

Integrity:- KeCCT will demonstrate strong moral principles and honesty in all its dealings. 

Commitment:- KeCCT shall show dedication to its causes and activities.  It will undertake activities and tasks with dedication and attentiveness.

Empathy:- KeCCT will display understanding, awareness of and sensitivity to the feelings, thoughts and experiences of external and internal clients and be guided by empathy in its dealings with them.