Kenya childhood cancer trust (kecct) was established in March 2015 and is one of the organizations in kenya that is dedicated to championing and building effective and efficient care for all children with cancer. The forerunner was the Daisy Eye Cancer Fund, an NGO established to harmonize and optimize the management of retinoblastoma (a children’s eye cancer) in Kenya.

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After achieving commendable success in its objectives, some of the core members of Daisy eye Cancer fund who were involved with children with cancer envisioned similarly improving and expanding the coverage of all children with Cancer who with their families were faced with huge challenges in dealing with cancer. Thus the idea of forming KECCT to deal with all cancers in children was conceived.

From the members work with children with cancer and the information on global status of children with cancer, it was realized that the children with cancer in the developed world have over 80% chances of survival while in Kenya it is at most 30%. Despite many recent positive developments in the cancer arena in Kenya it is painfully clear that most of these initiatives that have been undertaken concern adult cancers while these in children have lagged behind.

On further analysis of access to health services and the quality of services, care and support available to children with cancer, there emerged critical issues that impede positive health outcomes. These are some of the issues that KECCT seeks to address that are in line with its goals. Some of them include inadequate human resource capacity at health facilities, limited coverage of the population-based Cancer registry and poor patient medical documentation.

It is our hope and vision that Kecct will live up to achieve its goals in aiding the community to ultimately get rid of pediatric cancer.